Our Time

October 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

We are condemned to this time in history

Greed is our God on high.

Glittering gold statues in our fists

Idols of accomplishments of status

Violence in our eyes and in our teeth

Gnashing them at one another

Mother Earth becoming more disgruntled

Human children wasting and abusing her

Love, now the last four letter taboo

Constant condemnation of each other

With nothing to accrue.

The good fight for life,

Now, denial of the eminence 

And virtue of death.

Multiplicity so out of control

We condemn the mouths we save

Like gaping beaks of chicks, to feed

And food, our greatest nemesis.

Slaves again named lazy

Great leaders named as crazies

Hope, another four letter profanity

Faith, with only equal parts of trust, fear, and animosity.


Live love

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Carry an old woman’s groceries across the cross walkTell a funny joke to make a dower girl beam

Treat a person of color like beloved royalty 

Hold the door for anyone you trail in your wake

Escort an immigrant beyond the authority

Assist the authority when they treat you with respect 

Love without expectations 

Feed those without food

Clothe those without clothing

Look into her eyes, not her blouse

Kiss with passion and affirm your intentions 

Answer, specifically, nonsensical inquiries 

Smile passionately

Remind yourself that you are a miracle 

Remind those you love that you’re better because of them

Take less than you make 

Strive to be more true to your word

Know that intelligence and awareness are different assets

Be humane

Know that not all of this is possible at all times


We are all each other

Reserve blame and let it change to understanding


Know that words are the product of humankind’s grappling with complex ideals, problems, beliefs, and philosophies

Strive to commend

Try not to condemn


Life a life of purpose

Assure the ones you love that you are better because of them 

Assure them you are in no way better than any one one of them

Speak with softness and clarity

Defend yourself against your own disparity 

Believe that often failure is its own success

Be sensitive and honest

Try more

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She was head on

In strut made of spandex

Pink and pain full

We had ten years plus

Since the shovel.

I could have given all my soul

For the woman,

And maybe I had.

She had a way that calmed

The cryonic wave inside me.

I saved a side of me.

But that side, I let cave and freeze

She kept it and left to rot under the bed

She had built by an old husband

Of her sister,

And like her other old go to’s,

 I Boiled in the cistern.

I’m that dog without a home

And I debeu like

An actor without a script,

And have only my own

Cacophony of verbiage

September 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

The morning offense ascends and bites with shards through stock loose aluminum blinds.

My thoughts stutter like a beached seal on parched sand, aching to swim in micro brew and dirt cheep wine.Another call from the therapist, and messages of loosely intentional threats.

Plastic amber bottles, empty as their glass compatriots on a bed stand covered with dust and Advil PM boxes.

Never a bar till four, so Fry’s for tiny inebriants and smokes and a guy off Prince for a dime score.

Wife in a thread to the parents five days before, still digging in my head from the iPad on the floor.

Set fire to a lot last night, like the thought that long hauls rattled on with out a text riddled fist fight.

Set fire to the line to a sweet girl I thought wanted nothing more than a fistful of compliments, but wanted rather to score.

Set fire to a lifetime of pandering, finally conspired to demanding more than silence as I’d resigned to take before.

Set fire to the uniform. Taking on a lover little more than a palindrome. Same way backwards and forward. Vacant forum.

But I didn’t set fire to the fulcrum. Five o’clock. There’s always someone drinking at the Bucket. So I go, like another desertion.


August 1, 2016 § Leave a comment

Coral had a sanguine complexion. All freckled to perfection. Green toned runestone eyes speckled with rust and gold. Skin like royal blood stained alabaster. Hair the color of flames burning furious through a storm, lay across her eyes, silken dulcet reflection. Through those jagged bangs, she would hunt me like a panther, with those rune stone spectacles.

Southern Comfort

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PFC Monty stood swaying underneath the waning moonlight. Thin cloud like razors of cigarette smoke slid across the sky, indecisively dividing and inviting the light.Southern Comfort wasn’t letting him down. He stared at the reflector of that some damn Nissan Frontier that was parked there every day since the day he’d arrived. He stared into and swayed towards it, watching the light eclipse as his eyes declined.

He didn’t wake up when he was dragged upstairs.

He didn’t recall fishing for his keys.

Vividly remembering the three month old baby on the autopsy table, and the sounds of the water against the brushed steel, and how it didn’t smell like an adult smelled.

He recalled throwing up off the railing, that next day, late for formation.

He recalled being kicked in the head by his roommate, lying on the floor, too destructed to move yet, and waking up at four AM for two hours in the rack. The sweet malt of southern comfort bile in the back of his throat.

That one girl

July 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

I always kind of hated her. I mean, I loved her, yeah, periodically. But honestly I always kind of hated her a little.

She was the girl, the one too young, silly little fairie, nothing really poignant to say. But sweet, silken genuine golden hair, wide blue eyes that took everything in. A scandal waiting on her lips. There she was, the right kind of girl at the wrong time. I had a kismet Mormon in the wings. I believed I had that Mormon girl, just waiting in the wings, if I could get to her.

I never could quite get to her. Maybe neither.